Hello Hugo
Nov 19, 2018
Gius. Camerlingo
1 minute read

Each person that wants to publish his/her own blog/website/portfolio (or whatever) should really consider the idea to learn how to use a static site generator to speed up the development and the deployment and focus just on his/her own ideas/thoughts/projects.


I personally choosed from a bunch of different solutions: Hugo. It’s an open source framework written in Go.


So should I learn go to start?

Absolutely not! Hugo is for text-editor lovers that like to write in markdown.

Once you choosed your theme, set your config.toml and get the right confidence with it, you can easily break the ice firing up your new project:

$ hugo server # will normally serve your project at localhost:1313

That’s awesome, isn’t it? Here you can find the official quick start guide to follow this process step by step. So hurry up and keep it simple.

If you search for some inspiration you can take a look at the repo of this project.

Happy hacking!

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